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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do you stock niqabs?

Yes, they are available in store only.

Do you stock basic black abayas that are suitable for expatriates working in Saudi Arabia or visitors to the Middle-East or other Muslim populous countries?

Yes, we do stock the popular simple plain black abaya suitable as outer garment to be worn everyday in public, you can find it here. All our abayas are made of good quality light fabric and most are available in sizes 8 to 24. We also have soft and light black scarves to match your abaya.

Also available in our shop a wide range of modest clothing suitable for travelling in Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, and other muslim countries.

Do you stock formal dresses/ gowns suitable for a party?
Each year we release a beautiful range of evening /formal dresses in size 8 to 24 suitable for engagements, weddings, parties, school formals and other dressy occasions. We also have dressy scarves, scarf liners, head accessories, brooches and scarf pins to complete your outfit.

I am working in a large corporate company, do you have any outfits suitable for me?
Part of why Emaan stands out from the rest are because of our large range of suits. We stock Islamically acceptable suits that are still sleek and smart, making them suitable for the hard working Muslimah. We have many classic styles to choose from including our trademark fully lined, tailored long suit (length 90, 110, or 140 cm) which is available with matching trousers. Or, to go for the more casual look, you can simply match up a smart long sleeved shirt /blouse (shirt/blouse length is around 85 cm) with a plain A-lined skirt or trousers.

What Hajj/Umrah outfit do you have?
For men we stock ihrams (two piece, unsown fabric) made of soft 100% cotton, each piece measures 2.2 m long and 1.15 m wide. We also have white cotton ankle length shirts (thobes) or knee length shirt with matching pants for every-day wear during the pilgrimage in Makkah and Madina. Also available are backpacks, white sandals, white skull caps and ihram belts.

For ladies we stock prayer outfits, white or black plain abayas, as well as white cotton long blouses (tunics) withpants which are complete with amatching white slip-on scarf. So as you can see, all the must have clothing items you need for you pilgrimage can be found right here at EMAAN. Upon arriving back for welcome-home gathering after hajj we also have beautiful white outfits with matching scarf.

Where does Emaan import its garments from?
Since 2006 we have our own registered brand EMAAN where ladies suits, skirts, swimwear, most of dresses and abayas, men clothes and children’s wear are designed exclusively in Australia and then sent off to our tailors in Indonesia to be made. All the clothes that you find at EMAAN are thoroughly checked to ensure the quality of workmanship and that you only get the best at good prices.

What sizes do you offer at Emaan?
Most of our children’s clothing are suitable for 4 to 13 years of age. Some boys clothes are now available for 1-2 years of age. Tops and skirts in various styles to suit girls from around 9 to 13 years of age. Our vast women collections including blouses, skirts, tunic with pants, suits with matching pants or skirts, evening or casual gowns, abayas and swimwear are available in size 8 to 24 (some sizes are not available for some styles of clothing). Men clothes are available in Small to Extra Large.

Can we buy your products in bulk/wholesale?

Yes, some of our products are available to buy wholesale. Please contact us at

Specific requests:

Travelling to a Muslim majority country and need help with what to wear?

Need cultural/religious appropriate clothing for a TV/movie/theatre/media production?

Need scarves for your Muslim students at your school or college as part of their uniform?

We've helped various companies and individuals find suitable clothing for their needs. Contact us or visit the store to see how we can help.